Radio is an old electronic medium, first regular radio broadcast started over 75 years ago. Over the years the way radio is made developed differently in different countries. Radio equipment that originates in one country does not necessarily meet the requirements in the other. Sometimes it takes small adaptations to the equipment but more often the way a broadcast is realised needs a completely different approach.
After more than 30 years building professional audio mixers and accessories for Radio On Air, Continuity and Production applications tailored to the clients requirements, is the craftsmanship we do understand.

Many Broadcasters from Public Services to Community Radio, Presenters, Journalists and Editors throughout the world make daily use of our products.

All our products are designed and manufactured in The Netherlands.

Eela Audio / EA Broadcast
Het Riet 8 A
5431NM Cuijk
The Netherlands

Tel.: +31 485 331182
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EELA Audio, founded in 1975, is recognised as one of the companies who has been dedicated to developing, manufacturing and supplying professional audio products to the Radio Broadcast Industry for the past 30 years.
Radio Automation Software
D4 digital mixing desk in use with Omroep Venlo